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                     There's Been Nothing like it.  EVER!                   

7 Extraordinary Entrepreneurs At A Day Built Around  - YOU!

This LIVE event enables you to get up close and ask the burning questions you have from those that have walked the path before you.

When: Friday September 9
8.30am Registration. 9am start. 
Where: Foothills Conference Centre
48 Edinburgh Rd, Mooroolbark 
7 Extraordinary Entrepreneurs At A Day Built Around - YOU!
Seriously. Take these experts into the areas of your business that you want to go to. Share your business challenges with them and get them to help you unravel them with the solutions, ideas and insights that only they can give you. Direct. Face-to-Face. Unplugged.
The MAG 7
We Call Them The MAG 7... 
The Next Generation  
Dr Gary Wohlman
Become an exceptional, dynamic & charismatic presenter with Dr Gary
Through his scenario-based, Monty-Python flavoured approach to generating swift breakthroughs in communication, by the end of your session with Dr Gary you will walk away with tangible tools to revitalise your thinking, speaking and actions - on all stages of your life. This is for both developing speakers and seasoned professionals who wish to refine their skills on stage, be more assertive and feel more confident in communicating clearly with others, and anyone who has a message to share (a story to tell, a poem to recite, a song to sing). Come join us and enhance the impact and effectiveness of your live presentations, as you discover ways to bring your voice and message out into the world as you've always dreamed possible. Your attendance at this special session will include learning a selection of Dr Gary's proprietary tools: 

1) The 3 V's of communication: How to integrate the Verbal,  Vocal & Visual components so your spoken message matches your physical delivery.
2) The "Double Extreme" technique for Awakening Authenticity 
3) The "Grid System" for walking your talk and creating a conscious choreography of communication. 
4) The P.E.A formula / Cycle of Communication, providing a structure for you to make your Points with clean Examples & Application to your audience. 
5) The "Speech Cycle" template to clarify the content of a presentation, which can be applied to keynote presentations as well as for reaching people more easily with your intended message. 
6) Developing Self-Talk to empower presentations on all stages of your life.
7) Awakening the Hero: Reclaiming qualities you've projected on heroes, mentors and role models - to step up and embody Leadership in your full self-expression. 
  The Small business Queen with 17 years in business enjoying national & international success.
The Small Business Queen with 16 years in business enjoying national & international success. Having worked in across multiple sectors, including Print, Web, Software, IT and Fitness: Vikki has experienced everything business owners go through, excitement, fear, panic and loss as well as the positives of success, joy and achievement. She understands the importance of every business being armed with the right systems and knowledge. 

This prompting Vikki to collate her own proven systems and strategies for others to use and leverage from; affectionately known as “The Winning Hand in Business". Vikki Malmberg’s business acumen during the GFC resulted in her growing her sales by 161%, her teams productivity by 84%, the businesses average dollar sale by 254%. Vikki’s passion is to see more business owners thrive in their businesses enabling them to reap the rewards of their highly profitable businesses and hard effort. Working the hours of their choice or no longer working in the business at all and allowing their team to run it for them.
The Ultimate 48 Hour Author will share her story from a zero to 7 figure business in a few short years. 
A highly sought after professional speaker (CSP accredited), coach and mentor, Natasa is a 7 time published author and creator of the game changing business model, Ultimate 48 Hour Author. She has helped over 120 solopreneurs become first time published authors in just 2 years.

In 6 short years in business, Natasa has been nominated for The Telstra Businesswoman of the Year twice and was a finalist in AusMumpreneur of the Year in Product Innovation.

Appearing in all major media outlets across Australia including The Sydney Morning Herald, The Financial Review and The Age, Natasa is changing the way people do business in Australia and now runs a 7-figure business with her husband and 3 children traveling the country spreading her message and helping small business thrive.

The Gen Y Business Leader
Jessica will share her story and mindset for success around how she moved from what she called a ‘dull' corporate career to creating The Australian Business Success Group. Beside competing in beauty pageants nationally and internationally by the age of 24. Jessica is leading the new generation of business owners to become successful entrepreneurs.

Jessica is the founder and director of The Australian Business Success Group, and after a career in Banking and a university lecturer, Jessica is now running her very successful CLUE program, the only business training and mentoring business in Australia who are serving the new generation of small business owners to exit the rat race and not only leave their employment to start a business but to leave self-employment and become a true entrepreneur.

Her mission is to help you to realise your full earning potential and create the that you set out in business to make. The world needs you and the special gift that only you have been holding for years to come to life. Whether you are brand new in business or an experienced business owner and just know that it’s time to take it to another level, we’re here to help you turn your big dreams into a tangible reality.
Learn how you can Shine At Business and achieve your financial goals.
Dianna went into the field of accounting after finishing school with a view to making a difference to individuals, families and small businesses, and has now spent almost 30 years working with such people to help them create lives of freedom and success, in terms of personal and financial well-being and empowerment. 

In 2005 Dianna sold her taxation practice, having identified a numerous small-business needs which were not being offered in a holistic, integrated approach. 

Dianna now specialises in bringing together all aspects of business development and financial strategic planning for her clients, from day-to-day money management, staff leadership, marketing, life balance, goal-setting, legal considerations, succession planning, and time management. 

She works with families and business owners locally and interstate, and holds a role nationally as financial strategist for Loral Langemeier’s global Live Out Loud community. 

Combining her various skills in accounting, financial planning, small business management, debt restructuring, personal empowerment coaching and business psychology, Dianna specialises in working with her clients to guide them to lives of freedom and success. 
The Pitch Specialist will teach you the science behind the pitch and communicating your message. 
Your pitch IS your brand, IS your marketing, IS who you are. Eric's innovative method can help you capture attention and deliver your message with impact!  Eric is a strategic presentation and soft skills specialist and has a passion for helping people conquer their fears around public presentation and negotiation. He brings a complete three way holistic approach of research based human behaviours principles, innovative contemporary ideas around human interaction, and competition experience public speaking skills to maximise reception of your message.

Before Eric became a pitch coach he was a Behavioural Therapist with autistic kids and in medical research as National Cognitive Assessment Coordinator with Monash University and Alfred Hospital.

Eric started his coaching journey at the end of 2014 and quickly discovered passion for public speaking after attending Toastmasters. Eric worked primarily with leadership development but decided to niche into pitching and presentation after realising that many presentation coaches lacked science and empirically based knowledge in capturing attention. Combined with his strength in constructing and developing pitches in the leadership space, pitching became his primary focus. Eric likes to use game based exercises to teach stagecraft and speaking.

Learn how to be SMART in business
Brenda is the CEO and founder of the SMART Small Business Alliance providing unique invitation only business networking, mastermind and business support groups for small business owners.  

Brenda is an experienced small business owner and has won an Australian Home Based Business of the Year Award and a My Business Magazine Best Start-up award. SMART Small Business Forums has also appeared in the Anthill Magazine top 100 Cool Companies list. 

Brenda has an honours degree in organisational psychology and a Graduate Certificate in training and development and is an experienced trainer, facilitator and counsellor. 

Brenda is a firm believer in mutual collaboration combined with a practical, hands on tools, strategies and systems as the most effective way to achieve real results in business. 

Brenda is a sought after mentor, speaker and trainer in the areas of strategic alliances and joint ventures and networking with a twist. She is also passionate about actively giving back to the wider community. In addition to donating her speaking fees and a proportion of every SMART Forum membership to provide microfinance to help women in Malawi to start their own small businesses. 
Russell has taught us so much about time management we were able to sneak him in as a special 8th presenter on the day. 
The Business Time Lord will share how he has fit in everything he has done, while working less than 45 hours per week, and how he helps others do it too

People often wonder how, in just three years, Russell was able to do a high pressure project management job, start a business, build a brand, write a book (in one weekend), learn karate (and grade up six belts), cruise in the pacific with his family (twice), regularly drop his kids off at school and much more. Well, he is the Business Time Lord after all!

Russell believes that time is our most precious resource. And as a business owner, published author, husband and father, the two things that Russell hears most often are “are you finished already” and “how do you fit it all in”. The Business Time Lord now teaches and mentors business owners to value and invest their time much better. They get rid of excessive work hours, stress, exhaustion and a losing battle with balancing their work with the other areas of their life. And they finally get their business providing the lifestyle they deserve, put their prices and hourly rates up, and have plenty of free time for what matters most.
Mag 7 MC: Martin Farrugia
Martin is a husband, father, trainer, speaker, mentor and has been told that he has a down to earth positive nature and the ability to turn what may seem complex issues into easy to understand workable solutions.  
Ask him if the glass is half empty or half full - he believes it is neither, the best part is it is refillable.
In essence Martin has conservatively presented to over 100,000 people either by face to face or over the phone. As well as a business coach, phone coach and trainer, Martin is also a professional MC, and has MCd all types of events from weddings, to corporate and entrepreneurial events. He is a natural host and will make you feel at ease to ensure your event will run smoothly and is a memorable occasion. 
Martin has had the pleasure of being a contributing writer to 2 International Best Selling Books - Selling is a Cinch and How To Sell Stacks & Stacks of Anything by world renowned sales trainer & founder of National Speakers Australia Mr Doug Malouf. Martin has enjoyed the honour of sharing the stage as MC with living legends, Allan Pease, Paul Dunn, Eric Bailey and Alex Pirouz.
Imagine It

It's a FULL day.

It's ALL immersive.

Imagining The Impact 
You get to do it for far less than you'd pay your average business coach for ONE hour.
The Difference To Your Business
8 Extraordinary Entrepreneurs UNPLUGGED FOR YOU!
The MAG 7 Will Deliver Content They Have Never Shared Before...
Our special Silver Bullet & surprise will host the day and bring out the very best out of these amazing people for you!
This LIVE event enables you to get up close and ask the burning questions you have from those that have walked the path before you. Ask the questions of how the MAG 7 have been successful, how they overcame their challenges and how they gained their longevity. 

Ask the MAG 7 what worked what didn't and why?...

This is an opportunity for YOU like no other, to share with the MAG 7 your business challenges and have them assist you with ideas and insights.
Direct. Face-to-Face. Unplugged.
How the MAG 7 came to be...
Image Source
The Magnificent 7 the blockbuster Western of the 1960’s, features seven men with specific expertise  in their chosen field. They unite to help a small village themselves of ruthless bandits. 
Individually, each one was magnificent yet when they pool their resources, they become unbeatable! 

Our MAG 7 is based on a similar philosophy.
Individually our Entrepreneurs are sensational.
When they combine, they become an awesome force!
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Our chosen charity for this event is The Magical Getaway Foundation - The Voice for everyone affected by domestic or family violence 
Magical Getaway Foundation
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